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Kimonos, Where to shop / 27.07.2017

Hi guys, you know we love to point you to the right direction, so today we are spilling on where to shop one of summer 2017's most coveted items "Maxi Kimonos" in Nigeria (and worldwide tbh). We particularly love the versatility of a Kimono, it can be worn as a dress or just thrown over a pair of skinny jeans and tee shirt (gotta love a multitasking piece). We have rounded up our best finds and shared the links below. Now dreaming about relaxing on the beach in one (maybe two)of these. Enjoy shopping guys! J-Label Kimono HERE Lady Biba Kimono HERE Funke...

Uncategorized / 24.04.2014

Hey guys, how's your week going. The weekend is fast approaching and I can't WAIT!! lolI'm sure I've mentioned my love for bargains several times on the blog, so when I spotted this Maju gingham jumpsuit at the L'espace Store for N3,900 (or 3700, can't remember the exact figure) I snatched it up FAST!. They also had different variations and colours of the jumpsuit. As I can't be smiling in all my pictures, I did this specially for you guys.loolPhotos by Jide Odukoya PhotographyJumpsuit- Maju @ L'espaceSunglasses- MangoShoes- OfficeHave a great day guys.Love,Segi...