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#Workchic, classic looks, Fashion, Uncategorized, Work Style / 12.07.2017

I'm all up for gorgeous work wear. If I had my way and my office dress code policy allowed (let's not forget funds too), I would literally be the Nigerian version of Jessica Pearson (I wish, I know) or maybe Donna (her wardrobe is bomb too). If you don't know who these people are, sorry I can't help you. I mean it follows that since we spend so much time at work, we look good while we are at it. And if your job allows you the freedom to dress as you please, even better. Love love this dress and the half...

Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends / 31.05.2017

We all know that Zara is bae when it comes to giving us high fashion at much more pocket friendly rates, I mean not everyone is willing or able to shop or keep up with the latest fashion trends by buying the big labels. For many of us, Zara provides an option to still have fun and play around with new trends without fully investing in them. Whilst many high street brands generally do a good job of providing alternatives to our favorite coveted items from luxury brands, Zara does a damn good job hands down. So today we are...