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PomP’d on Ruffles

See what I did with the title guys, seriously I’m so pumped when it comes to anything that has pom poms and ruffles on it, like I think it is truly turning out to be part of my style. I recently got a pom pom maker (I know right, who does that) and it may be safe to say that pom poms will be a staple for a lot of the things I will be creating. Anyway, I’m wearing this fabulous dress from Style Nanda, I recently discovered this Japanese brand on ASOS and I love it. I really love the laid back and unexpected look with the sneakers and I feel like an “alte” (read as alternative/quirky/edgy). I think I will wear the dress with heels for some more structure next time. Cheers to the weekend guys.

 Shop my look: Dress – Style Nanda via ASOS HERE and Sneakers – Joshua Sanders HERE

Oh and cheers to GTB & co, the ban has been lifted and you (our lovely readers based in Nigeria) can now shop using your Naira Mastercard up to$1k a month online.



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